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Gudee Car Hire founded the business from 2005 with business style rental, airport transfers, sightseeing, and event transportation solutions. Gudee provides these services all over China. Since 2008, Gudee has been serving the world class media and events as transportation partners. We serve more than 21 global media companies and organizations.

With the Beijing Olympic experience in 2008, Gudee has become one of the leading event transportation agencies out of all the other fleet and driving event agencies. We specially provide event manpower, chauffeur service, fleet management, site inspection, and all other resources related to a driving and hospitality event.


固德汽车成立于2005年, 创建初期以其常规的车辆服务, 接送机场, 商务用车以及长期车辆使用为基本运营模式.

自2008年奥运会周期成功的服务了全球21家媒体和知名机构, 业务领域也扩大为车辆整备, 款待服务, 专业试驾项目管理等诸多领域.

我们专著于车辆的服务, 车辆的品牌文化以及车辆品牌活动延伸的一切相关服务.





Event Manpower

Well trained professional team are willing to serve you to brighten up every single event created.


We do provide:

  • Qualified instructor
  • Well trained coach
  • Professional driver
  • Co-drivers to keep safe next by
  • On site runner
Hospitality ICON


We have extensive experience in holding hospitality events and treating each single client as our own, to build up strong relationships between client and hosts.


We do provide:

  • Valet parking on site
  • Door to door pick up
  • Crowd management
  • General parking solution

Event Transportation Management

With more than 7 years experience on event transportation management, fleets controls, and test drive event solutions, Gudee has served most global automobile brands and reached all high quality standards.

  • Pre event site / route check
  • Car decoration on stickers
  • Driver’s management
  • Vehicle logistic / transport
  • Show car display
  • Event car cleansing
  • On site transportation management
  • Test drive subject design and installation

Driving Service

Gudee is a leading car and driver services company that offers direct driving service from location to location for not only business passengers, but also tourists  in most cities over China.

  • Private airport shuttle
  • Airport representative / and airport welcomes
  • VIP and private jet solution
  • Meeting rent
  • Dinner & party rent
  • Tour & sightseeing
  • School pick up & drop off


PR & Agency






Case Studies

AMg Driving Academy 2015

AMG Driving Academy 2015

  • Annual branding test drive event
  • 4 stops in China, first stop done in April in Shanghai
  • Same event time with AMG GT Launch event
  • Guest arrival hospitality, from flight trace, RSVP, airport welcome and drop off
  • Daily guest shuttle management
  • Daily track / test drive car management
  • Instructor and staff car management
  • Shuttle service for all late event guest
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Renault Captur Media Test Drive

Renault Captur Media Test Event

  • New launch in April Shanghai Auto show
  • Event city : Xia Men
  • Event time : June 2015
  • Flash mop show daily in shopping center, car choreography managed
  • First in land test drive for China media
  • 8 fleets and working car management
  • Service over 50 medias in 3 test drive day
  • Route inspection and road book works
  • Daily training and safety briefing to media
  • Overall test drive control by senior instructors
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BMW Masters 2014

2014 BMW Masters

  • Event held place in Shanghai, serve international famous event agency Vok Dams
  • International standard tournament in China
  • Over 6 months pre-event preparation, driver training, site inspection and parking lots design
  • Manage more than 100 BMW fleets and all public shuttle / transfer service
  • BMW fleet services for VIP driver, airport transfer, player and guest event and side events
  • Display car daily management, test drive event fleet supporting
  • Media shuttle service
  • Public shuttle service and public parking solutions
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Prado Annual Test Drive Event

Prado Annual Test Drive Event

  • An annual event includes off road test drive and a long on road test drive among year 2014
  • Continually annual event from FAW- TOYOTA brands in China
  • 5 major cities of China with more than 2,000 guest test drive with off road condition
  • Manage branding promotions, co-branding service with JBL
  • Overall project manage from subject suggestion, route changes, driver selection and to on site management with hotels, dinning, activities
  • Over 20 fleets manage during on road test drive, over 4000 km driving with instructors lead and all on road dinning, activities
  • Fleet transfer management with local dealer and support
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JLR Auto Show Hospitality

JLR Auto Show Hospitality

  • An A Class Auto Show in Beijing
  • More than 70 JLR fleet managed with dealer communications, handling, paper works and return procedure
  • Local and global top management hospitality from arrival, daily shuttle to venue and drop off service
  • Welcome private jet with special aviation applications supporting
  • Solution to Auto Show crowded management, route selection, traffic control
  • World Class famous star transportation services with well-trained English Speaking drivers
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FAW - Audi Test Drive Event & More

FAW - Audi Test Drive Event & More

  • Event venue : Audi JinGang Circuit Beijing / Hangzhou / QingDao
  • Fleet manage for all test drive cars, fueling, clean, key management
  • Route plan and in track subject
  • Manpower control for safety manage
  • Audi all series fleet
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Audi RS Series US Tour

  • The first ever car rental company to support an overseas test drive project in China
  • From route suggestion to final test driver experience
  • Grand transport for all Audi vehicle from different part of the States
  • Dealing with local vendor for branding display
  • Media shooting and media hospitality
  • The first event that brings Chinese media into Bonneville Salt Flat
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AMG Driving Academy

  • 5 stops in a year in CD, BJ, SH, ZH, and Sh with more than 2000 passengers welcomed
  • Trained and select local partners
  • Not only clients and trainers, but also staff and instructor’s daily shuttle to circuit
  • Airport assigned pick up and drop off
  • Fleets management
  • 5 Gudee representatives with 5-20 local drivers
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Audi R8 2

Audi R8 LMS Cup 2013

  • 2013 LMS Cup in 5 country cities.

  • Gudee went to Erdos in China, Korea, Malaysia, Shanghai, and Zhuhai.

  • Local resourcing and management

  • Shuttle Service

  • Airport transfers
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Audi Seasonal Training 2013

  • A seasonal training for new models and new function of brands vehicle
  • Spring and Fall seasonal training provided to all dealers in mainland China
  • To present selling skill and to win more target clients
  • Managing brands cars and competitor cars
  • Daily shuttle services
  • Drivers and Co-driver’s training before event
  • To better understand the new technical aspects
  • Daily car clean, filling up, and ensure subject safety
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  • Media test drive for new car launch

  • 12 fleets and 3 days with different groups

  • Daily car preparation

  • Show car clean and key management

  • Pre-event route suggestion

  • Pre-event site suggestion
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Audi Ice & Snow Experience

Audi Ice & Snow Experience

  • In changbaishan, Jilin Province
  • FAW Audi annual event for driving on ice & snow performance
  • More than 200 visitors and media invited for an opening launch event
  • Press conference and dining service
  • Car choreography on stage with car and construction managed
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case study title pic

Santana Legend Trip Mainland China

  • Part of New Santana World Legend Trip

  • Handling cars from the border of China

  • 45 days, 15 countries with more than 19500KM

  • China parts: 6 provinces over 20 days of driving

  • 10 fleets management

  • Regular maintainenance
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Audi Green Energy 2012

Audi Green Driving Camp Training

  • Project since 2009 in mainland China

  • Different city selection but all with energy or green energy topics

  • Media and VIP invited and hospitality service

  • More than 60 fleets management

  • Fuel and regular cleansing daily

  • 40 local drivers, and 5 Gudee representatives on site
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Audi A1 Test Drive

Small Audi A1, Big World

  • Media test drive in Chaoyang stadium, Beijing
  • Professional driving experience provided by well trained Gudee drivers
  • Transportation management for all show cars and leading cars
  • Daily clean, filling up, and all interior cleanliness
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Fujian Benz

Fujian Benz Shanghai Auto Show

  • VIP service

  • Venue transfer

  • 10 Fleet management

  • Airport hostess management

  • Hostess escort from drop off point to venue

  • Crew car arrangement
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